Sunday, July 12, 2009

coming home

it's official.

Depart: July 20, 2009
Johannesburg, SA

Arrive: July 21, 2009
New York, NY
transfer to Newark, NJ to final destination:
San Francisco, CA

see you soon?

: X


Lee said...

Thanks for everything Hannah!!! Have a safe journal back to the States, praying for you!

Jeanee said...


I'll see you very very soon. ;P
I have a funny feeling you'll get lost going from JFK to Newark. I believe you have 10 hours to find your way; find your way.


Daniel said...

wow. looking forward to seeing you soon! press on for the last couple weeks! praying for you here!

charlie said...

good to hear!

was great to see MOZ team back last sunday...they were able to share a bit about their trip as well as show a video and perform their wonderful skit...

will pray for a safe return to the west...

i cannot imagine how much you will miss africa!

Jenny said...

Hannah! It'll be so good to see you again.

megiddo said...

hi hannah,
can't believe it's been a year already. God is so gracious and we look forward to seeing you again. will you be at wellspring next sunday then? will be praying for your back!


maria said...

Great to read your post. hope you continue to reflect on the past year as you go forward with grad school. come visit wellspring when you can.
Thank you for this final post. It sums up nicely what you've learned, and I pray that God would continue to unfold His heart and plans for your life, Hannah. So blessed to have been a small part of this journey of faith!I will be meeting you on your other the name!

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