Thursday, May 28, 2009

two aussies in my posse

haha. i promised myself to follow the upward trend and update at least once a week. failure.

in any case, there are lots of news to share since the last time i've written.

one bit of news:

i am currently living with two new housemates! surprise. haha. -_-

sal and robyn from hands hub in south africa have come to join me to stay in mozambique for at least 3 to 4 months. they're australian, but they've been living in south africa for 7 years now. they've been here in mozambique since the 8th of may, and it's been an interesting and fun few weeks so far. sal is helping out with starting the construction of the care centres in nhamatanda and amatongas. a lot of progress has already been made with the care centre in nhamatanda! robyn is helping out with more admin work here. but moreso, as one of the original leaders who found hands at work years ago, she's been working with carlos in casting the vision and directing the next steps in establishing the service centre and guiding other community-based organizations with their projects.

but besides their work with hands, sal and robyn have made many notable changes in this house, it's almost revolutionary. i couldn't believe what i saw when they first arrived. they drove up here from south africa with their car (a one-week journey visiting other places in mozambique), and as they unloaded their belongings from their car, all sorts of things rolled out: a tent, pots and pans, bedding, mattresses and sheets, boxes of food (that included a package of tofu), sal's tools and saws, etc. i mean, sal brought his own generator! "just in case electricity goes out," he said. (well, he uses it for construction when he goes out into the communities.)

they arrived on a friday, and i assumed that they would be resting up the following weekend from their one-week trip up here. but they were up and running saturday morning. sal was busy fixing up things in the house, oiling door and window hinges, inspecting the parameter of the house looking for cracks and crevices, etc.; robyn was busy cleaning the house, scrubbing the bathroom, rearranging everything in the kitchen, etc.

my lifestyle has also changed somewhat significantly.

  • i eat a lot more. and i eat a lot more of a variety of foods -- a lot of cheese (sal is originally from switzerland), a lot of vegetable dishes, a lot of sauces of different cultures.
  • i drink a lot more (no, not that kind of drinking.). i was never the tea-time abider in africa, but now i regularly find myself sipping on tea, coffee, or hot chocolate throughout the day, averaging about three cups a day.
  • i stay in my bedroom a lot more. i call it "my corner" -- my corner in regards to the location of my house on this farm and to the location of my bedroom in this house. most of the time, i just keep my door open and use my bedroom as my office and my bed as my workspace, whereas before, the dining area was my office and the dining table was my workspace.
  • i talk a lot more. obviously. now that i have people in the house to talk to. -_- i enjoy the lengthy and comprehensive conversations over dinner where we would talk about random things and not-so-random things -- the simplicity of life here, the decadence of life elsewhere... and the hippie life in australia, haha.
  • i find myself in strange and funny situations a lot more. mostly from interruptions in the "office" life that robyn and i have in the house: spending an entire afternoon cleaning out the kitchen cupboard that was full of weevils; finally fixing a printer, gloriously celebrating over it (cheap thrill, we say), and then realizing we were missing the usb cable connecting it to the computer; laughing over the peace offering nana brought over one day (robyn unintentionally mentioned to nana that her chickens woke her up one night. the next day, nana brought over a couple of her chickens' eggs as a "peace offering").

fun people + random stuff = funny life.


Dara Jean said...

oh man, I wish I were there! My love to Sal and Robyn. Praying for you all. Dara

sarah said...

hi hannah! we miss you. a couple of us (wellspring team) will be there at the end of june to see you and we are praying more than ever for you guys. let us know if you personally need anything. sarah

Daniel said...

Hannah! Remember me? I am Daniel Lee from Extreme House. I was the roommate of Yohan Shin. My other housemates were Jacob and Daniel Choe. Well, I was organizing my stuff and I ran across your support letter... I know, it's been almost a year since you gave it to me. Well, I read it, saw that you had a blog site, and so I read it! I must say that I am greatly encouraged and rebuked by the work that is being done in Africa. I was especially rebuked by your post about how so many people come to your house telling you that they are hungry. Press on sista! I'm praying for you here! By the way, do they speak English?

Sue Ann said...
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Sue Ann said...

Strive on till the end* Don't come back completely changed though.. haha I'm glad you're there, and it seems u are rightfully(?) enjoying the time there~ Prayers are with you and Africa!

charlie said...

i know you're time in moz is ticking...must be great to have sal and robyn there...wish i could go out there with the wellspring team...your posts help remind me about praying for africa and the haw folks!

Hamster said...


How goes it? I can't believe your time is almost coming to an end?! Where did the year go? I hope I can hear how things went, and to get a better picture of what you've experienced. I'm thankful that there is a team from Wellspring to be joining you soon.

Lee said...

Haahaa, I'm trying to catch up with your blogs now. Keep blog with your short time left in Moz.