Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a time for everything

as of today, i have exactly 3 weeks until my departure from mozambique.

it's cliché and also a bit futile to say that time has flown by. but it really has. where did these past months go??

i don't consider myself the blatantly expressive type. the emotional type. the sappy type.

my mentality has always been,

que será, será. life goes on.

but i can feel it. the sadness that comes along with the impending sense of inevitable good bye's.

i remember writing on my college application essay many years ago: "i hate saying good byes because they always feel like betrayal." maybe (and probably) i'm more emotional than i consider myself to be, or maybe, even then, i was tired of having to make transitions all the time. my life, as a simple sum, has been that of a gypsy. my family moved all the time. never settling. always moving. moving for better or for worse. but that was life. and good byes were a part of life.

and so here it is.

it is time to say good bye.

it's not time to reflect upon my stay in africa yet.

...but what am i talking about?!
i still have 3 more weeks to go!


1 comment:

Lee said...

Hope to see you soon in the States!Your not the sappy type, anyone who can drive in Moz with those mile deep potholes and drink the water,:0 I have total respect for.
Seriously, to go to somewhere unknown, not knowning the people, and learning a new language is a great step of faith! And more importantly to do His work there!
Have a safe journal back, God bless, and I'll be praying for you!